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Tuscan Tomato and Basil Sauce

This sauce is the result of a slow and careful cooking made with 100% Tuscan tomato that boils in a pot enriched with Italian extra virgin olive oil and together with basil shows off an enveloping flavor to season our pasta.

A touch of simplicity that makes your dish a gastronomic experience full of flavor.

Package weight: 140g

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Thanks to a coarse sheet of pasta, skilfully created to embrace all kinds of sauces and a moderate width, our fettuccine are suitable for use with a wide variety of condiments.


Verna wheat fettuccine

Fettuccine from the special ‘Grani Antichi’ line are made exclusively from Verna Wheat. A good, healthy wheat with unique organoleptic qualities


Ravioloni with burrata, dried tomato and basil

This product has the advantage of carrying within itself the flavor and colors of Italy. We have combined a thin, bronze-drawn pasta sheet with a filling of creamy Tuscan ricotta cheese, melangiato with a sweet, creamy Apulian burrata cheese.


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