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Potato Tortelli with Centrifugal Butter and Sage

Today we see together a great classic of the Tuscan culinary tradition: Tortelli di Patate, with this simple but refined recipe that enhances the unmistakable flavour of the fresh steamed potato filling.

Obviously, before we start, you should know that the tasty Valentini filling of these tortelli is created after slowly cooking the Casentino sausage, which is used, together with Italian extra virgin olive oil, to create the soffritto. The fried potatoes are then added to the fresh Tuscan potatoes, chosen by Pasta Valentini. Then tomato, nutmeg, grana padano cheese and chilli pepper are added to enhance the flavour of the filling. All wrapped up in 100% Tuscan pastry.
Now the Tortelli di Patate Valentini are ready for you to cook.

INGREDIENTS for this simple recipe:

– 2 Packets of Tortelli di Patate Valentini (250g each) for 3 people. Order online HERE.

– 4-5 cm of a piece of centrifuge butter; some fresh sage leaves.

– Grana Padano


1. Prepare the centrifuge butter by melting it over very low heat in a small saucepan for a few seconds. Then add a few freshly washed sage leaves.

[It is essential to know why we recommend centrifuge butter, which is of the highest quality:
In this technique, butter is produced directly from freshly milked milk: first the milk undergoes a number of filtration processes to remove impurities, then it is centrifuged at low temperatures and at a speed of between 6500-7000 rpm, which allows the fat to separate from the skimmed milk. In contrast to the creaming process, the centrifuge produces a ‘sweet’ milk cream, i.e. not acidic, as it is not affected by fermentation. ]

Centrifuge and creamery butter: characteristics and differences source:

2. Bring the salted water to the boil and gently pour in the Tortelli Valentini. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.

3. Pour the butter and sage dressing onto a tray, but be careful: alternate the dressing with the Tortelli you are draining as you go. It is important to create ‘staggered’ layers between the Tortelli and the butter and sage dressing. This avoids turning the whole thing over with the sauce, as is usually done with traditional pasta, as this could cause the tortelli to open up and disperse the precious filling.

Then sprinkle a little Grana Padano on top and start serving your creations to your guests.

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Tasting Valentini tagliatelle means letting yourself be embraced by the tasty flavour of traceability, ensured by local Tuscan ingredients


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