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Tagliatelle are an egg pasta typical of central and northern Italy. Their name derives from the verb “to cut” or “to slice”, since they are obtained by pulling the sheet very thin and cutting it, after having rolled it up. The bronze drawing makes our tagliatella rough and porous to embrace any seasoning.

Strictly 100% Tuscan: durum wheat semolina and type ‘0’ soft wheat flour, Italian eggs from category A free-range hens, salt from the Volterra salt pans.

Short and controlled supply chain to give you the most precious ingredients of our territory.

Tasting Valentini tagliatelle means letting yourself be embraced by the tasty flavor of traceability, ensured by local Tuscan ingredients such as durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour for example. Short chain to meet taste and authenticity in every bite. For you.

Perfect with meat sauces, such as our wild boar ragù or with Chianina ragù for example.

Package weight: 250g

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Hare ragout

The Hare ragù is very refined, a typical Tuscan ragù. It is a simple recipe with a high percentage of meat cooked with wine and vegetables



Pappardelle are a great classic of Tuscan smooth pasta shapes. Even Boccaccio talks about them, calling them “… lasagna cooked in broth and seasoned with especially hare meat”.


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