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Ravioloni with Gorgonzola (DOP) and Williams pears

The thin bronze-drawn pasta, made naturally with durum wheat semolina and 100% Tuscan soft wheat flour, contains the intense flavour of Gorgonzola PDO which, together with Williams pears, makes a unique and unrivalled combination.

The palate first encounters the special roughness of the pasta and, a moment later, is overwhelmed by an explosion of softness and creaminess. That’s why these Ravioloni will make every bite a pleasure and give you a delicious, chef’s meal.

A riot of flavours. An exclusively gourmet meal.

– 100% Tuscan: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour, fresh sheep ricotta, salt.
– Eggs from Italian free-range hens.
– Thin bronze-drawn pasta
– 2 minutes cooking time.
– Free of dyes, preservatives, glutamate, glyphosate, hydrogenated fats.

Package weight: 250g

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Pappardelle are a great classic of Tuscan smooth pasta shapes. Even Boccaccio talks about them, calling them “… lasagna cooked in broth and seasoned with especially hare meat”.



Tagliolini: a thin and delicate pasta format. Valentini realizes this great classic with mastery thanks to his inimitable method that gives life to a unique pastry for porosity and roughness.


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