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Ravioloni with goat cheese and honey

The excellent raw materials of this product create a captivating and amazing taste, given by the flavor of the cheese muffled by the sweetness of our acacia honey. Our cook recommends seasoning your Ravioloni in a simple way, with a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of grated cheese.

Savor the contrast between Goat and Honey to feel water in every corner of the mouth. Enjoyment in every bite, for a stellar first course that will make your meal a moment of pure joy.

– 100% Tuscan:
– durum wheat semolina
– soft wheat flour
– Fresh sheep ricotta
– Salt

100% Italian:
Goat’s milk, Honey, eggs from free-range hens.

Weight of one piece: 19g
FREE FROM: dyes, preservatives, glutamate or hydrogenated fats

Package weight: 250g

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Boar ragout

Wild boar ragout is part of the Tuscan culinary tradition. It is prepared in our kitchen by first marinating the wild boar meat and then simmering it to bring out its flavour


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