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Bronze drawing

Pasta Valentini uses the bronze drawing technique. When our dough, made with carefully selected ingredients and km0, passes slowly on the bronze surface, it acquires a very important roughness that allows the pasta to retain the sauces. In addition to this, it is also essential to underline how this technique allows our pasta to keep intact various internal properties such as mineral salts and vitamins. The bronze drawing, unlike the industrial ones in Teflon, is a fundamental step to obtain a high quality product.

Indoor kitchen

The heart of the Pastificio Valentini is its internal kitchen, in which all the raw materials are selected every day, coming from trusted suppliers, who must meet rigorous quality standards; once this step has been passed, our chefs will proceed with their preparation. This is a fundamental department as the quality of the finished product is immediately determined. Our chefs, in fact, make use of excellent ingredients such as Italian extra virgin olive oil and typical aromas of the Mediterranean scrub. This meticulous attention to detail reflects a preparation “as it once was”, tracing the knowledge and flavors of ancient recipes revisited in a modern way.

Simply without

Without preservatives, aromas and hydrogenated fats We treat our ingredients as Nature commands: we avoid preservatives that are harmful to the health of consumers and we reject any form of artificial flavor to keep the most genuine flavor of the raw material intact. For the protection of the health of our consumers in our ingredients there are no hydrogenated fats typical of vegetable oils.

The meats we select, such as Chianina, Prosciutto Toscano DOP, Capon and others, come from farms where antibiotics are not used on animals.

In our Tuscan wheat we guarantee the absolute absence of glyphosate, a pesticide considered carcinogenic and harmful to human health.