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Potato tortello

The potato tortello is proof of the inventive ability of our grandparents. Once the potato was introduced in the agricultural rotation, not before 1830, after the Grand Ducal government had recommended its use on the occasion of a famine in 1817, it was quickly used in the kitchen to remedy the recurring famines, but also to create dishes of notable gastronomic value, such as Tortello.

The scent of tradition that we smelled in grandparents’ homes, now we propose it revisited to the best to offer you the best.

The palate that comes into contact with the soft potato filling that wrapped in the bronze drawn sheet gives a sensational pleasure. Perfect for any tradition or party occasion.

100% TUSCAN: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour, potatoes, salt.
Eggs from free-range Italian hens.
Thin bronze-drawn pasta
2 minutes cooking time.
Free from dyes, preservatives, glutamate, glyphosate, hydrogenated fats.

Package weight: 250g

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Ravioloni with burrata, dried tomato and basil

This product has the advantage of carrying within itself the flavor and colors of Italy. We have combined a thin, bronze-drawn pasta sheet with a filling of creamy Tuscan ricotta cheese, melangiato with a sweet, creamy Apulian burrata cheese.


Truffle tagliatelle

From a thin bronze drawn sheet created with durum wheat semolina, 100% Tuscan soft wheat flour, eggs from Italian free-range hens, all combined in a summer truffle-based dough.


Maremmani with sheep ricotta and spinach

Compared to the classic ravioli they are a larger format, ad hoc to properly fill the palate. The product comes from the Tuscan Maremma where the rich pastures have always traditionally linked the Casentino to the Maremma through the transhumance of its shepherds.


Boar ragout

Wild boar ragout is part of the Tuscan culinary tradition. It is prepared in our kitchen by first marinating the wild boar meat and then simmering it to bring out its flavour


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