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The Pasta Valentini supply chain is completely traceable, from A to Z. We care about the health and well-being of each of our individual consumers, which is why we choose raw materials that we know thoroughly, that we trust and that we personally control. Quality, goodness, and closeness: to bring small fragments of the territory into our kitchen and to savor every declination of taste of our Tuscany, of our Italy in the products.
Pasta Valentini è tracciabilità totale: materie prime toscane selezionate dai produttori di eccellenza a km0. Patate fresche toscane per i tortelli di patate Valentini

The genuineness

The ingredients we select are the children of excellent producers of pure and uncontaminated territories. We treat every raw material as Nature commands, without the use of chemical additives, without dyes, without preservatives, without glutamate, without hydrogenated fats, obviously without glyphosate, without artificial flavors. "Of course without". Every detail is taken care of so that the product is tasty but also and above all healthy. This is why we choose the most genuine raw materials and treat them in a simple and transparent way.
Pasta Valentini è genuinità: spinaci freschi 100% toscani.


Sostenibilità: trasporti brevi per materie prime fresche e zero inquinamento - Pasta Valentini
Short transports: we have shortened the distances between us and the suppliers, choosing trusted producers of our territory. This allows us to have increasingly fresh raw materials and to have shorter and shorter transportations with a low impact on the environment around us.
Sostenibilità: nuovo packaging monomateriale riciclabile di Pasta Valentini in cartoncino
Packaging: Pasta Valentini will soon present a new sustainable, mono-material and completely recyclable packaging. We live and produce in a National Park, so we want our creations to be protected by an environmentally friendly envelope, to innovate and protect our planet.
Sostenibilità: energia pulita da fonti rinnovabili come i pannelli fotovoltaici - Pasta Valentini
Renewable sources: the company looks to the future and aims to be self-sufficient from an energy point of view by providing for the installation of photovoltaic panels by 2025.