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In the heart of Tuscany – The Casentino valley

It is in the Casentino Valley that the Valentini brothers grew up, in the heart of the most authentic Tuscany, where all the work of the families had the sole purpose of putting on the table the most genuine and nutritious products offered by the land and livestock. Their territory, the Casentino, is a suggestive valley in the province of Arezzo, inside the National Park of the Casentino Forests and close to the bio-energy reserve of Sasso Fratino, recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, between Arezzo and Florence.


It is the Tuscany of small villages, where Pierluigi Valentini, father of the entrepreneurs Francesco, Monica and Patrizio, started the family business following a passion: fresh pasta. Today the Valentini pasta factory boasts over 40 years of activity, during which the values and principles have not changed and the same ‘passion’ is still the fundamental and unfailing ingredient of their creations. Yes, because we are talking about creations. In Tuscany, as we know, artisans have art in their hearts and hands, and the Valentini Brothers surprise us with their refined combinations of wisely chosen ingredients, offering the consumer a true taste experience. The cornerstone of the strategy adopted by Compagnia della Pasta srl is what seems to be a contradiction: luxury accessible to all.

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Pici with Verna Wheat

Pici, the Tuscan spaghetti: this version of Pici is special because …they belong to the special ‘Grani Antichi’ line, made exclusively with Verna Wheat.


Maremmani with sheep ricotta and spinach

Compared to the classic ravioli they are a larger format, ad hoc to properly fill the palate. The product comes from the Tuscan Maremma where the rich pastures have always traditionally linked the Casentino to the Maremma through the transhumance of its shepherds.


Chianina beef ragout

Chianina meat, an ancient breed bred in Italy for more than 22 centuries, has attracted international attention for its unique genetic heritage in the world.


Boar ragout

Wild boar ragout is part of the Tuscan culinary tradition. It is prepared in our kitchen by first marinating the wild boar meat and then simmering it to bring out its flavour


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