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The ethics of fresh pasta

We believe that companies can be the first to instil certain ethical values, which is why Pasta Valentini collaborates with AVSI (Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale) and has been involved in the child sponsorship campaign for years. It was easy for us because in Casentino, the habit of sharing the fruits of our labour is still very much alive and we, the Valentini brothers, like to get involved. So the determined character and strength of our family based on respect for values, has led us to broaden our horizons and all this makes us naturally proud.

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Fresh truffle sauce

The Truffle, a precious tuber that arises spontaneously in Tuscany in our hills, enriched with noble raw materials such as Italian butter and Grana Padano DOP.


Pici with Verna Wheat

Pici, the Tuscan spaghetti: this version of Pici is special because …they belong to the special ‘Grani Antichi’ line, made exclusively with Verna Wheat.


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