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Gnudi with ricotta and spinach on a Gorgonzola fondue

Here is a fantastic version of Pasta Valentini’s 100% Tuscan ricotta and spinach gnudi


– 2 packages of Valentini Gnudi (250g each) for 3 people. You can order them at home by clicking HERE.

– A knob of butter

– One tablespoon of Gorgonzola

– Mezzo bicchiere di acqua PROCEDIMENTO:

1. In a non-stick pan, melt the knob of butter and the tablespoon of gorgonzola cheese over a low flame.

2. Cook the gnudi in lightly salted boiling water and drain them as soon as they come to the surface with a skimmer.

3. Gently place the Gnudi in the gorgonzola cream and quickly stir-fry.

4. Serve piping hot and enjoy the unique flavour of the Gnudi on this amazing Gorgonzola fondue!

We warmly thank @tagfooditalia for the authentic recipe: discover on their Instagram page all the recipes they have made with Valentini products, click on their name!

Buy GNUDI from Pasta Valentini by clicking HERE.

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