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Genoese basil (DOP) pesto

Pesto Valentini from the Freschi Ghiotti line is an excellent and tasty condiment, strictly 100% Italian and controlled, in line with our high standards of selection for raw materials.

Plus, it’s naturally GLUTEN FREE.

It is obtained from noble ingredients such as fresh Genoese PDO basil leaves, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano and a pinch of Pecorino Romano that give that touch of vivid and delicate flavor.

PERFECT with Valentini Tagliolini to create a star dish, between pasta and sauce. Look at the photo below with our dish. A few minutes of cooking for the tagliolini and with this pesto you get a rich dish with which to brighten your lunch or dinner.

Package weight: 130g.

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Tagliolini: a thin and delicate pasta format. Valentini realizes this great classic with mastery thanks to his inimitable method that gives life to a unique pastry for porosity and roughness.


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