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How the generous fillings of Pasta Valentini are created

The tastiness of the raw materials and the freshness obtained with cutting-edge machinery that allows very rapid and controlled packaging, give products that are appreciated not only in Italy, but also abroad, where 40% of their production is destined.

he moment of bronze-drawing ©

The Pastificio Valentini brand, the original signature of the founder Pierluigi, is known as a guarantee of quality. “All our products, more than 30 different formats, are prepared in our kitchen, where the cooking of the ingredients of our generous fillings also takes place.

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Verna wheat fettuccine

Fettuccine from the special ‘Grani Antichi’ line are made exclusively from Verna Wheat. A good, healthy wheat with unique organoleptic qualities


Truffle tagliatelle

From a thin bronze drawn sheet created with durum wheat semolina, 100% Tuscan soft wheat flour, eggs from Italian free-range hens, all combined in a summer truffle-based dough.


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