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How the generous fillings of Pasta Valentini are created

The tastiness of the raw materials and the freshness obtained with cutting-edge machinery that allows very rapid and controlled packaging, give products that are appreciated not only in Italy, but also abroad, where 40% of their production is destined.

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The Pastificio Valentini brand, the original signature of the founder Pierluigi, is known as a guarantee of quality. “All our products, more than 30 different formats, are prepared in our kitchen, where the cooking of the ingredients of our generous fillings also takes place.

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Tagliolini: a thin and delicate pasta format. Valentini realizes this great classic with mastery thanks to his inimitable method that gives life to a unique pastry for porosity and roughness.


Boar ragout

Wild boar ragout is part of the Tuscan culinary tradition. It is prepared in our kitchen by first marinating the wild boar meat and then simmering it to bring out its flavour


Genoese basil (DOP) pesto

Pesto Valentini from the Freschi Ghiotti line is an excellent and tasty condiment, strictly 100% Italian and controlled, in line with our high standards of selection for raw materials.


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