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Our recipes

Our range of products is divided between filled and non-filled long pasta.

The stuffed pasta has numerous shapes: from the most classic ravioli, tortelli and Maremma, to Ravioloni and Raviolotti, passing through Cappelletti and Gnudi. We will discover in each product its why, its characterization, how it differs and why it is so excellent and appreciated.

In our fillings we use selected excellent raw materials from a short and fully traceable supply chain. We give priority to the ingredients of our territory, Tuscany, which provides us with rich and nutritious raw materials. In addition, to protect consumers, we have joined the main Italian PDO and PGI Consortia to offer our consumers the best on the market, from an organoleptic and healthy point of view.

The long, non-filled pasta also has different shapes: Pici, Pappardelle, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle and Tagliolini. Each of these formats has a peculiarity, a history, a tradition. Let’s find out together.

Furthermore, Pasta Valentini has created the “Ancient Grains” line: Pici, Tagliolini and Fettuccine exclusively made with Grano Verna, a wheat with excellent properties grown and ground in stone in Casentino, Tuscany. Finally, we have the special line “The Wheel of Seasons”, with ad hoc products for each period of the year. 6 types of fresh pasta, filled or not, made only with “seasonal” ingredients that follow the rhythm of Nature.

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