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Carrefour Terre dʼItalia has chosen us!

The famous Carrefour Terre dʼItalia brand, a real point of reference for consumers looking for quality at an absolutely accessible price, after months of hard work and very selective panel tests, carried out to assess and certify the organoleptic characteristics of our product.

We can proudly announce that youʼll soon find our Pici Toscani branded Terre dʼItalia on the shelves of all Carrefour hyper, super and express stores.

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Maremmani with sheep ricotta and spinach

Compared to the classic ravioli they are a larger format, ad hoc to properly fill the palate. The product comes from the Tuscan Maremma where the rich pastures have always traditionally linked the Casentino to the Maremma through the transhumance of its shepherds.



Pappardelle are a great classic of Tuscan smooth pasta shapes. Even Boccaccio talks about them, calling them “… lasagna cooked in broth and seasoned with especially hare meat”.


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