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Boar ragout

Wild boar ragout is part of the Tuscan culinary tradition. Wild boar ragù is part of the Tuscan culinary tradition. It is prepared in our kitchen, first by marinating the wild boar meat and then simmering it to enhance its flavor, just as our grandmothers did for Sunday lunch.

Perfect match with Valentini long pasta, especially in enveloping and thick shapes such as pappardelle. To try to believe.

Package weight: 130g

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Duck ragout

This ragout is prepared by first letting the meat take on flavour in a mixture of chopped vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, then adding the tomato, lowering the heat to finish with slow cooking.


Hare ragout

The Hare ragù is very refined, a typical Tuscan ragù. It is a simple recipe with a high percentage of meat cooked with wine and vegetables


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