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Ravioloni with Gorgonzola (DOP) and Williams pears

The thin bronze-drawn pastry, made naturally with durum wheat semolina, 100% Tuscan soft wheat flour, encloses the intense flavor of Gorgonzola DOP which combined with Williams Pears makes a unique and unparalleled combination.
The palate first encounters the special roughness of the pasta and, a moment later, is overwhelmed by an explosion of softness and creaminess. That's why these Ravioloni will make every bite a pleasure to give you a delicious and chef's meal.
A riot of flavors. An exclusively gourmet meal.
- 100% Tuscan: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour, fresh sheep ricotta, salt. - Eggs from free-range Italian hens. - Thin sheet extruded through bronze - 2 minutes of cooking. - Free from dyes, preservatives, glutamate, glyphosate, hydrogenated fats.
Package weight: 250g

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