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Pici are distantly related to spaghetti. The verb “appiciare”, which means to make pici, is often used in the kitchens of the Arezzo and Sienese areas.
I Pici Valentini, Tuscan gastronomic excellence: made with durum wheat semolina, 100% Tuscan soft wheat flour, salt from the Volterra salt pans and spring water from our mountains.
Our Pici have been subjected to a Panel Test by an important external body which, in comparison with another Tuscan producer, has shown in the Pici Valentini a strong response of satisfaction in terms of appearance and flavor, with 83% of the voting people who they expressed their approval and 85% expressed their desire to re-consume, in comparison with the 79% and 70% of the other producer respectively.
I Pici, an authentic work of art of the Tuscan tradition to which Pasta Valentini gives an artisan imprint of taste and traceability, for your signature meal. Perfect with all sauces, especially with meat sauce. Match them with those in our "Ragù and sauces" section.
Package weight: 500g

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