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Pappardelle are a great classic of Tuscan smooth pasta shapes. Even Boccaccio talks about them, calling them “… lasagna cooked in broth and seasoned with especially hare meat”. Pastificio Valentini exalts this extraordinary specialty with inimitable care: accurate phases of kneading, resting and smoothing.
Strictly 100% Tuscan: durum wheat semolina and soft wheat flour type "0", Italian eggs from category A free-range hens, salt from the Volterra salt pans.
Short and controlled supply chain to give you the most precious ingredients of our territory.
Traditionally, pappardelle are combined with duck, hare and game sauces: try them with our tasty "Freschi Ghiotti" combinations, you can find them in the "Ragù and sauces" section!
Package weight: 250g

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