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A family
story ...

More than 40 years ago Pierluigi Valentini started our business, following his greatest passion: fresh pasta. Now it is we, the Valentini Patrizio brothers, Monica and Francesco who carry on our company. Always fond of tradition, but with an innovative look at our future.

... in the heart of Tuscany

It is in Tuscany, in the Casentino valley, that the Valentini brothers grew up… and developed the company. The same part of Tuscany that gave its fir trees for the construction of the cathedral of Florence, which with its own wool gave impetus to the Renaissance. A land that preserves traditions, crafts, knowledge and authentic flavors.

Tuscany: a journey
between knowledge and flavors

To obtain a great product we have revolutionized our supply chain, favoring Tuscan and Italian raw materials, which are meticulously followed by us. To make people understand the real value of each ingredients we made a “journey” among the producers of our territory. Here are the peculiarities of each. This is where an excellent product comes from.